Summation of 2013’s business task and implementation of 2014’s business tasks

In the morning of 27-Dec-2013, CJC 204 holds a summation conference to summarize 2013’s  business task and implement 2014’s business task.


Mr Le Van Thanh, Company’s Director, summarizes 2013’s business task and develops 2014’s business tasks

At the conference, Mr Le Van Thanh, Chairman of Management Board, Company Director reports results of 2013’s business task. The main contents of report is to highly appreciates effort of the whole employees. Besides, flexible and drastic direction and operation of leadership have lead company to overcome difficulties and exceed proposed targets of Management Board. In details: Output value of 405 billion VND, equivalent to 138% of year plan; Revenue of 370 billion VND, equivalent to 161 % of year plan; Average income of 6 million VND/person/month; share dividend rate is ensured.


The year 2014 has been considered still remain many difficulties, CJC 204 has set out specific measures to effectively perform business tasks; including strengthen management task on every fields to meet the requirements of business task; Particularly, marketing job shall be focused on traditional customers, foreign investment projects in Vietnam; marketing method shall be by schedule, quality of construction works ... Company requires units to gather capital, personnel, equipment to speed up schedule, complete and handover of Works in time. Strengthening marketing job, bidding work  and access to large-scale projects to reach proposed targets of 2014.


To motivate and encourage groups and individuals have ​​outstanding achievements in production and business activities in 2013, the company reward  03 groups and 05 individuals with the total amount of 55,000,000 VND.


Mr Le Van Thanh - Chairman of the Board, Company Director gives award to groups have  outstanding achievements in 2013.


Mr Le Van Hien - Deputy Director of Company gives award to individuals have made outstanding achievements in 2013

Ms Pham Thi Anh Hang - Chairman of Trade Union - launches the competitive movement throughout the company in order to strive to complete 2014’s business tasks especially to complete proposed targets right from the first month, first quarter of 2014 make achievements in honour of the 45th anniversary of establishment ( 03/25/1969 - 25/03/2014 ).